2025.4.23-25 Western China International Expo City
Chengdu International Industry Fair
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Exhibitor Service
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The Western China International Expo City, as the permanent site of Western China International Fair,is the leading project of the events, conference and exhibition industry in Chengdu even in Sichuan and the new growth pole of undertaking the conference and exhibition economy of the western China. It is also a very important communicating and cooperating platform for Belt and Road initiative and Yangze River economic development.


Western China International Expo City is known as“the exhibition carrier in the park”. Tianfu Park with a total area of 2 square kilometers has been built in the west, and Luxi River Ecological Area with a total area of 3,800 mu and Xinglong Lake Wetland Park with a water area of 4,500 mu have been built in the south.The peripheral environment has both the leisure experience and the ecological experience. It is humanistic, dynamic and people-friendly. Intertwined with blue and green and integrated with urban and field, WCIEC is the best choice for exhibitions and conferences.

Venue and Traffic
Western China International Expo City
How to get to the Pavilion B

Airway: 21km from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, 35km from Tianfu International Airport

Train: 24km from Chengdu East Railway Station, 21km from Chengdu South Railway Station and 3km from Tianfu Station on High-Speed Rail

Self-Driving: adjacent to arterial roads including Tianfu Avenue, Zizhou Avenue and Guangzhou Road

Metro: Five Metro Lines (Lines 1, 6, 11, 18 and 19) are planned, with 2 rail transfer junctions and 2 metro stations planned near WCIEC

Tramcar: 2 tramcar lines (Tianfu Line1 Express Railway)

2021 Chengdu Metro Road Map


Subway Arrive:

Take Line 1 to Guangzhou Road Station Exit F and walk for 2 minutes to the security check gate No.4 of the exhibition

Take Line 18 to Western China International EXPO City Station, and walk for about 6 minutes to the security check gate of Gate 4