2025.4.23-25 Western China International Expo City
Chengdu International Industry Fair
Brand & Event
Brand & Event

During the exhibition, we will hold a series of high-end conferences and seminars around the hot topics of today's industry, and enterprise lectures combined with the 

latest product and technology demonstrations, so as to make your participation and visit more fruitful. In addition, wonderful live activities will bring you unexpected benefits.

2023.4.26Meeting Room, Hall 15 (E077)
2023 Chengdu Digital and Intelligent Logistics Manufacturing Seminar
2023.4.26Meeting Room 05, Hall 14 (leave 2)Annual Conference of Sichuan Automation Industry -- Intelligent Manufacturing Empowers Safe Production
2023.4.26Forum Center, Hall 9(leave 1)2023 Yangtze Delta Economic Zone Digital Factory Transformation Summit and International Industry IoT Conference Southwest China Summit
2023.4.26Meeting Room 08+09, Hall 9(leave 1) (The Twelfth) Global Automation & Manufacturing Summit China 2023 (Chengdu)
2023.4.26Meeting Room 08, Hall 14 (leave 2)Innovation, Integration and Intelligence – Vision and Sensor Technology Seminar
2023.4.26Meeting Room 10, Hall 15 (leave 2)APS Asia Powertrain Industrial Technology Conference
2023.4.26Forum Center, Hall 9(leave 1)“Digitalization & Intelligence” Aicaigou Industrial Future Conference 
2023.4.26Meeting Room 02, Hall 9(leave 1)Green Chemical Industry Park - New Chemical Materials & Electronic Chemicals Thematic Exchange Seminar
2023.4.27Meeting Room 03+04, Hall 9(leave 1)2023 Chengdu-Chongqing Electronic Information Industry Intelligent Manufacturing Summit Forum

A020, 15-16 Connecting Hall 

2023 Chengdu-Chongqing Manufacturing Digitalization and Intelligence Development Salon
2023.4.27Meeting Room 02, Hall 9(leave 1)2023 “Convergence of Innovation and Intelligence” Empowering the New Development of the Industry - Special Roadshow of CDIIF
2023.4.27Meeting Room 08, Hall 14 (leave 2)Vision/Robots and Digital Factory Applications Forum
2023.4.27Meeting Room 05, Hall 16 (leave 2)Advanced Manufacturing Technology Entering the West China
2023.4.27Meeting Room, Hall 15 (E077)Sino-German Intelligent Manufacturing Cooperation and Development Forum
2023.4.27Meeting Room 07, Hall 15 (leave 2)Intelligent Agricultural Machinery and Equipment Promoting Agricultural Modernization
2023.4.27Meeting Room 05, Hall 14 (leave 2)“The 14th Five-Year Plan” High-quality Development of China’s Manufacturing Industry - Thematic Forum on Intelligent · Manufacturing and Key Industrial Internet Technology (OPC UA) Applications 
2023.4.27Meeting Room 10, Hall 15 (leave 2)Central and Local Science and Technology Business Exchange and Communication Activities - Special Salon on Industrial · Automation and Digital Transformation & Upgrading Applications 
2023.4.28Meeting Room 07, Hall 15 (leave 2)2023 Sichuan High-end Equipment Design Manufacturing and Practice Forum